Now that  my warp nacelle is a little further along in completion, I feel a little better about showing off this long term project.   I figured I would post it now, as I won’t be able to play with it again for a few weeks until after I return from vacation.  😀

Little more than an amalgam of rough-hewn parts and organic shapes so far, this is the Northampton; A Federation starship class of the frigate type and an element from FASA’s Star Trek: The Role-Playing Game. I have been working on her for some years now but I’ve had some major bumps in the road along the way.  It has been difficult to conceptualize in 3D, since the design’s original orthographic drawings from FASA’s Federation Ship Recognition Manual were small, messy, and somewhat conflicting.  Some structures don’t line up properly, and some necessary features aren’t even visible so I have had to totally speculate as to their locations (such as the impulse engines and landing bays).

FASA certainly had a few clunkers throughout its Star Trek RPG run, but they managed more than few true gems, and I have always loved the design of this particular class above the others, even though many think it is functionally goofy at best, with its peculiar engine configuration.  Nevertheless, I’ve always thought it was a graceful yet sturdy design and would look great in any rendezvous scene with another fine starship.

In that vein, here are some silly test shots of both the Northampton and the Abbe, which I have also let languish in the dusty closet of my hard drive.  Thankfully so many of Starfleet’s design elements cross over into many ship designs, they are easily transferred into multiple projects; a concept better known as “kit bashing” that I tend to love.

Still a lot to do on both ships, but I’ll have something to look forward to when I return home.   You can’t keep me away from starships (and starbases) for long. 😉


~ by starstation on September 9, 2010.

9 Responses to “Tease”

  1. Allways liked this ship and considered building it myself once. I think I’ve still got the led model of this somewhere.

  2. Hi there :

    I once asked you for your renderings for the Northampton class due to the fact that our local club ship was the Northampton class USS Obready. The club has benifited greatly from your creativity and gave us a chance to update our web site and promos with the image of the Northampton class.

    What I wish to know now is, do you intend to bring out any more renderings of this Starship class? If so , I would be more than interested in knowing more about those future projects.


    Bruno ( aka, Admiral Robert G Kelley ) Signori.
    President of the STARSHIP OBREADY club.

    • I’m glad the renderings were useful to you. 🙂

      I don’t have any other renders of the Northampton class at present, and I have not yet completed the ship’s modeling. It’s also not a high priority currently, but I do intend to return to the ship’s design at some point, probably within the next 6 months or so.

      The original FASA design is somewhat flawed and inconsistent orthographically, and even though I’ve seen several interesting interpretations that try to work out those kinks, none have suited my needs just yet. So, I’m left trying to figure out the mess myself, and she’s a brain drainer. 😉

      I will return to her for certain though. I love certain features of the design so much, you couldn’t keep me away. 😀

  3. Your blog is referenced in a TrekBBS thread, and I’m glad I followed the link to your beautiful renders.
    The Northampton is definitely one of FASA’s better designs, though the hull seems a bit over-designed. Looking forward to your future work on it!

    • Thanks so much. I’m glad you like them.

      Yeah. The Northampton is one of my all time favorites but it could easily be thought of as “over-designed.” She’s so over-designed that her views don’t line up perfectly and it forces me to make calls on what goes in and what gets left out. One of the reasons I’ve never come close to finishing her. Well, that and I never finish anything. 😉

  4. Hi there:

    Have you had a chance to folloy up on the Northampton design?

    Our club could realy use other renderins for our adds and website.
    Thank you.

    Bruno Signori ( aka. Admiral Robert G Kelley. )
    Starship Obready club.

    • Just some minor updates this past May. I posted them though. They’re in the archives. Mostly some detailing and updating the saucer a little. Took a breather because she really hurts my brain.

  5. Excellent – agree she doesn’t make sense when you try to build her in 3d – did it with LEGO creator in order to find that out!

    The nicest ship in the book though.

  6. Hello All, I have made a complete model of the Northhampton, its based off the Enterprise’s saucer and warp engines, the rest is balsa and lots of paint and sanding. I’ll try to get some pic’s loaded up, its a great looking ship, its all based on the game which i blew the lil picture way up and started cutting. most of the angles were a nightmare. I made the Wilkerson and Larson also.

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