Merry Chairs

First attempt at TWOK style seating.

tmp_oq_019b1“Leisurely seating now available in the cove area.”

Finally had a little time to attempt those chairs first seen in the officers quarters from The Wrath of Khan. They are a little more sculpted than those seen in the film, but I am still trying to work with the SubPatch function in Lightwave to get that stuffed upholstered look.

Only one good render before bed last night. I did two renders in the early evening, but after looking over reference material all morning and afternoon while still modeling the things… I didn’t take the time to consult it in relation to scale and positioning within the actual set design, and just haphazardly stuck them in there. I built the chair in a separate file and paid little attention to scale except in relation to its overall form. So, when I copy/pasted it into the cove area, I had to shrink it down significantly, but apparently fell short. I was thinking of my own comfort sitting in them, but they are apparently much smaller and lower in elevation than I gave them credit. It’s no wonder Captain Styles preferred to lie down and read (or do his nails?); You could find more comfort sitting in the waiting room at your doctor’s office. I was mostly eager to test the overall shape, color, and texture in Layout. While the surface setting choices looked good in modeler, I will probably have to rethink those decisions now as well. Seems I’m getting all too used to crazy clashing colors with all the renovations currently taking place in my workplace office building.

tmp_oq_018aWas thinking of my own hips when I scaled this first attempt.

Also, I hadn’t started on the little rotating arm bases that hold them up, which makes the chairs look like they are floating in the early renders. I chose to build those later in the evening within the actual set model, so that too was part of the problem. I’ll try and get some more renders today, and might try tweaking the chairs’ backside and armrest in SubPatch modeling as well.


~ by starstation on December 25, 2015.

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