All I Could Muster

A new angle though

tmp_oq_020bReady for tchotchke!

Tried a new angle within in the cove and finally managed to get that little tchotchke table in the corner completed. Although it seems as if the individual tiers are meant to be backlit, it’s no certainty, since I can’t seem to find any screenshot or reference info that depicts it as such. Regardless, I decided to backlight mine in this instance, because it looks rather silly otherwise. It’s possible that things were just SO bright in Kirk’s quarters during TMP that someone decided during filming to not light it in order to tone things down. The table was still there in TWOK, but was equally dark, though it appears to have collected more tchotchkes! I placed my ale decanter and the tumbler on it to see how that would look, and even placed a tumbler on the little glass table (which I severely reduced in size after early renders).

tmp_oq_019cRework with table and shifted ceiling trusses.

I also shifted the ceiling trusses (once again) after getting a better sense of their location from recent reference studies.
I’m looking forward to getting some more of the greeble details in and around the communications console (the details under the console and the little buttons and graphics in between the two main structures within the view screen’s inset alcove. I might put some sort of lamp on the little glass table as well. Eventually I will get to the big desk structure.



~ by starstation on December 26, 2015.

2 Responses to “All I Could Muster”

  1. Hi!
    You once again did an excellent job!
    It is a great pleasure to witness the process of how you develop your pieces of art work.
    I’ve noticed that the color you choose for the chairs somehow doesn’t fit into the overall mood of the picture. The green seems kinda off.
    Maybe a very light blue-gray (PantoneNr. 290) would fit better into the color harmony of the picture. The upholstery could be a bit more lush. What do you want to put on the wall above the side table? A line of shelves like in TWOK?

  2. Great job here so far!

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