A Revisit

Revisiting a test render I did some years ago, now that more station features have been fleshed out.

Thought I would try posting a render I did recently as homage to an old image I posted years ago (2011).

The original image (seen below) was sort of a concept art view of something I really wanted to see once the station was more fleshed out, but it’s taken me so many years to get even this far. I saw the original looking through my blog pages recently and figured I’d give it another try nearly eight years later.

Here’s the original concept render. I can’t believe I posted this way back in 2011. Time flies.

The camera settings are very different in the new image, but I was trying to show off a little more of the station than was visible in the original image, so I went with a much wider angle. I might try replicating those older settings and angles again in the near future, in order to make it more faithful to the original.


~ by starstation on March 25, 2019.

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  1. Reblogged this on gmd3d's Art & Designs and commented:
    excellent modelling work by Basill

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