Six Fix

•September 1, 2014 • 2 Comments

Amongst others

space_office_transp_rm_010abAirlock 6 label corrected, along with a few other touch ups.

Finally got all the “Starfleet Special” fonts moved from my old computer to my new one, and was able to create a new, albeit simple, version of the airlock label featuring number 6 rather than 5.

I played around with the deck textures after I saw how well the fuzzy blurred reflections looked on the metal casings of the large computer monitors. I was so impressed with the decking results, that I decided to employ similar settings on several other bulkhead and frame members to juice up the surfaces. Continue reading ‘Six Fix’

Office Work

•August 30, 2014 • 2 Comments

Office Work

space_office_transp_rm_005aOffice Station Module featuring Transporter/Airlock section

After months of Lightwave separation, I recently began trying to duplicate some elements featured within the Orbital Office Complex as it was depicted in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

I’ve already done quite a bit of work on the Complex as a whole itself (back in 2009), though I never completed it. But after years of procrastination, I decided I wanted at least one of the office modules to have some of those interior details we were able to witness in TMP. Continue reading ‘Office Work’

Panel Work

•May 8, 2014 • 3 Comments

Metal and wood get some minor adjustments

Phobos_VIP_25bMetallic corridor panels and wooden wall sections see some changes.

The metallic corridor panels got some upgrade in their brush metal texture, snatched from another of my interior model’s settings. Continue reading ‘Panel Work’

New Machine…

•April 16, 2014 • 2 Comments

New angles and methods.

Phobos_VIP_23aViewing from a new angle while exploring new render methods.

I finally got Lightwave 9.6.1 installed on my new Mac Mini. Using a portion of my tax refund it was a low cost/low thought solution to the problems I was having on my previous Mac Mini, which served me very well for several years (and with only minor side tasks, requiring minimal processing power, may continue to do so for the foreseeable future). Once I was up and running though, I began to play around with some settings that I am told affect our renderings based upon the types of computers we work from and the monitors we employ to see it all. Continue reading ‘New Machine…’

Minor Color Corrections

•April 4, 2014 • Leave a Comment

Tweaking the Gamma and Hue

Phobos_VIP_17f4Original render data re-uploaded to Layout for some tweaking, with extra finishing touches in Pixelmator.

I’ve been experimenting in unexplored worlds. I was able to open my Lightwave Layout program and load some previously saved renders, tweak some settings (mostly the “Gamma” setting), and even save them in new ways (if I managed to save all the original render data in the .rla file format). Continue reading ‘Minor Color Corrections’

“On Viewer…”

•April 1, 2014 • 3 Comments

“On viewer, sir.”

Phobos_VIP_21bWasted wall space becomes prime real estate for visual stimulus.

I got some advice from a few message board comrades last week about certain necessities a room like this should have. Most of them I was already considering, but a few I had already chosen (reluctantly) to dismiss. However, I decided to give one particular suggestion (of the dismissed variety) another try at the ole’ deep think. As a result, while making use of some valuable real estate along the interior hull, the officer’s lounge now has some pretty large view screens. Whether for communications, mission monitoring, or just screen saver artwork, all that empty wall space now serves a definitive purpose. In addition to a few other amenities put in the model, I was able to render a few images this weekend.

Phobos_VIP_17f3Solving some problems (dark splotchies), as new quandaries arise (bright splotchies).

I figured these screens might be similar to the very large screen on the Enterprise’s Rec Dec in The Motion Picture; Continue reading ‘“On Viewer…”’

A Curious Thing Happened…

•March 26, 2014 • 3 Comments

On the way to the view ports…

Phobos_VIP_17d2Finally, some non-leaky viewports and less embarrassing leaf textures.

I got to working on the exterior hull and viewports late last week. I finally came up with something worth test rendering, but some annoying artifacts showed up that continued to baffle me as the weekend got underway.  All of this occurred while I waffled on whether or not to buy a new computer.

Phobos_VIP_20aA little dark, but now fully enclosed.

Well, naturally I bought it… but that’s gonna take a little time to sort out. In the meantime, I continued on my old Mac Mini. Between a few crashes, I was able to model a bit and crank out a few renders, though it’s not always so fun deciding just which eggshells to step on. In the modeling realm, I played with newly built interior portions of the external hull (based on the Abbe class’s own exterior structure), reconfigured those interior bulkheads which no longer fit perfectly within the Abbe class, and I even modeled some (slightly) more detailed viewports for all the interior visuals.

Continue reading ‘A Curious Thing Happened…’


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