Changes, Both Subtle & Gross…

•October 14, 2015 • 3 Comments

A “Cove” wall gets minor overhaul.

tmp_oq_009dCove’s curved walls are not so similar after all.

Been working this thing like a puzzle, with tons of pictures, but with very few plans with any meaningful measurements. It seems every time I put in some new panel detailing, I find how horribly off course I am with some fundamental element of the overall design. Continue reading ‘Changes, Both Subtle & Gross…’


Upholstery: Take Two

•October 7, 2015 • 6 Comments

More subpatch seams and a few new wall panels.

tmp_oq_011aNew cushions finally “feel” right.

As much as I liked my early cushion efforts, I knew at the time they were only temporary fill ins. I attempted a new effort to refine the seam elements using Subpatch, but I was very disappointed with the render results. Continue reading ‘Upholstery: Take Two’

Getting Cushy

•September 30, 2015 • 9 Comments

Detailing begins in earnest.

tmp_oq_002c1Cushions and panel details moving ahead.

I began adding some details to the structures this weekend and kept on through a special day off from work yesterday. I started with the cushions for the main berth and moved on to some early panel work. I’ll state up front that I am not good at modeling organics (damn carbon-units), and cushions are certainly not my forté. Still, I must admit I am liking this first attempt at the cushions in the bunk area. Continue reading ‘Getting Cushy’

A Place to Park It

•September 29, 2015 • 6 Comments

My first attempt at some movie style Officer’s Quarters

tmp_oq_001Curvy walls in the office area. Rumor has it, this area is called the “cove.”

After a long procrastination of any such similar project, I finally decided I would start working on the movie style officer’s quarters. Naturally, it’ll be based on the original TMP design structure, but will incorporate style elements from its subsequent TWOK and TSFS appearances. This is because there were so many significant changes between the first and later films, as well as demonstrable redressings of the set to serve as multiple locations in those first three films alone: Continue reading ‘A Place to Park It’

The Magic Of Dental Mirrors?

•September 16, 2015 • Leave a Comment

Strider gets new pennants, and some (as yet) undefined lighting.


ranger_refit_093cFrom bald spot to spotlight.

Although my model of the Ranger class scout USS Strider already has two Starfleet pennants on its ventral side, those two large “fin” structures on the dorsal side, which help tie the nacelle pylons into the main hull, stood out as a tad bland to me. Given their flat and widely exposed surface areas, I just felt they needed something more. Continue reading ‘The Magic Of Dental Mirrors?’

Variety: The Spice of the Galaxy

•September 13, 2015 • 4 Comments

Experimentation with interstellar clouds & dust within renders.

Impala_test_030a2Meaningful results kicking in.

Though I myself can stare at a cloudless starry night for hours, my renders seem a little tired. I was wanting to break up some of the sheer monotony of employing a singular image for nearly every space render I’ve produced for over a year and half. Instead of my backdrops being empty blackness faintly peppered with dim distant stars (always in the exact same position as every other render), I wanted to work with something that would raise the visual interest as well as adapt to changes in render perspective. Continue reading ‘Variety: The Spice of the Galaxy’

Oooops, I Need a Yardstick…

•July 13, 2015 • 3 Comments

Some minor scaling adjustments made.


Abbe_040f2aWas forced to shrink the shuttle and the inner bay’s large corridor access hatch.


(Quick synopsis- I learned to diagnose and fix a problem with incompatibly scaled models. Read no further unless sleep is your objective. 😉 )

My self imposed procrastination bit back the other day, and I had to make some minor size adjustments so everything was more accurate in scale. I tend to be a throw-it-together-and-measure-later kinda person (in my art anyway). Although I’ve always tried to match and follow proportions, I’ve never truly concerned myself with knowing the exact dimensions of a thing (especially since I rarely have those on hand). I’m quite used to shrinking or enlarging objects in order to fit them together only after it’s been necessitated, whether it be in Modeler layers or Layout scenes. Often I’ll simply use one “universal” object or geometry to help match different models to a compatible scale. Continue reading ‘Oooops, I Need a Yardstick…’